NFP to help restore the forests of Southern Primorye

A new forest nursery designed to help restore coastal forests is being built in Partizansk. It will be completed this fall and will allow growing… Read More

Repairs in schools in Nakhodka are under parents’ strict supervision

Public observers supervise the execution of Nakhodka socio-economic development plan. First of all they inspect the repair works of educational institutions funded via Far Eastern… Read More

Positive review report issued by Government State Expertise authority (Glavgosexpertiza) for NFP Marine Terminal project

The design documentation of NFP Marine Terminal complies with the environmental requirements established by technical regulations and environmental protection legislation, as confirmed by order of… Read More

Development of natural gas infrastructure in the south of Primorye made possible by NFP

Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizers Factory (NFP) will save the budget up to six hundred million, and will improve Nakhodka’s environment. This will be made possible thanks… Read More

NFP Announces Job Openings at Youth Day as it Aims to Provide Locals with Comfortable Life and Work Conditions 

Vladivostok’s Youth Day festival, which was held on June 26 on the city’s Tsesarevich Embankment, became a really grand-scale event with around 30,000 people that… Read More

Seaside hand-to-hand combat tournament may become Nakhodka’s signature event

“Young Warriors” – a hand-to-hand combat tournament was held on June 21 on the shore of Shepalovo Bay in Nakhodka, with over 200 participants from… Read More

NFP aids Olympic sports growth in Nakhodka

Nearly 100 non-professional streetball players attended the Nakhodka Streetball Championship. The competition was held with the financial support of the Nakhodka Fertilizer Plant and brought… Read More

There is work for the youth of Nakhodka in their hometow

The Nakhodka branch of Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service (VSUES) plans to start enrollment for majors required at the Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant… Read More

Nakhodka libraries undergoing a massive transformation – new VR headsets, interactive whiteboards and movie areas

Libraries of Nakhodka are being upgraded with latest tech in an effort to turn them into modern cultural centers. The modernization comes as part of… Read More

NFP commences construction of waste treatment facilities

A permit for construction of waste treatment facilities was recently obtained by NFP. Construction of treatment facilities will minimize the pressure on local environment in… Read More